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High-resolution images of the MCMLeague logo and examples of Portland mid-century design are available upon request.  

About The Mid-Century Modern League

The Mid-Century Modern League is here to celebrate and preserve the many postwar buildings, homes, signage and furnishings Portland has to offer. From the architecture of renowned builders and architects such as Rummer, Berkemeir, Oakland, Weber and Yeon, to the understated tracts of ranch houses in Cliffgate and Beaverton, Portland has an impressive variety of midcentury architecture, and the Mid-Century Modern League hopes to call attention to this often overlooked “Atomic Age” of architecture. 

Through community advocacy, activism and education, the Mid-Century Modern League's goal is to garner understanding and appreciation of postwar (1940s-1960s) architecture and design. Its website ( will grow to include a Top 20 list of Portland area mid-century homes, commercial buildings, neighborhoods, and vintage signage; a newsletter; and other historical information designed to help explain the importance of this era. Other planned elements are resources for homeowners and a “Flippers’ Manual,” aimed at educating remodelers about the importance of retaining “outdated” yet original elements that will help the property retain its character and ultimately add value. 

the Mid-Century Modern League was started by local realtor Alyssa Starelli who specializes in mid-century properties. 

“I decided to put my money where my mouth was. Too many buildings are being razed and replaced by architecturally bereft new construction, and too many houses are being haphazardly remodeled, losing their character in the process. I know there are many people here who appreciate mid-century aesthetic, and starting the Mid-Century Modern League seemed like a great way to help preserve it,” said Starelli. 

the Mid-Century Modern League's President Austin Jordan, who lives in a mid-century modern ranch in Northeast Portland has big plans for the group.

“When more people understand the importance and coolness of midcentury architecture, we hope that it will gain public acceptance as being a style and era worth celebrating and preserving. the Mid-Century Modern League will work to build interest and help educate the public on the cultural and financial value of Portland area mid-century homes and commercial properties… and we’ll have fun in the process,” said Jordan. 

The group currently boasts 40+ members from all walks of life with a shared appreciation of the atomic age of architecture. They meet monthly at The Alibi and welcome like-minded Portlanders to join them.

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