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Atomic Hoods

Portland's Mid-Century Neighborhoods (with cross streets if on grid, or Thomas Guide coordinates).

East Side Tracts:

  • Wilshire Beaumont: Builder Ken Berkemeir extreme angled ranch homes. (NE 37th/Alberta Ct.) 597/B/1
  • Fernhill: Standards on Holman, MCM's on Rosa Parks Blvd. (40th/NE Holman/ Rosa Parks) 567/B/6
  • Rocky Butte: Architectural MCM's. ( NE Sacramento & 92nd) 597/G/3
  • Twin Cedars: Brick fronted Standard Ranches. (NE Russell Ct./104th) 597/J/3
  • Parkrose Heights: MCMs. (NE Fargo/108th) 597/J/2 and 3
  • Loreen Park: Brick standard ranches with a Warren Weber Arch built MCM. (107th/NE Oregon) 597/J/5
  • Argay Terrace: Brady Bunch Style Split Levels. (135th/NE Fremont) 598/C/3
  • Clifgate: Cliff May-esque homes. (Approx 134th & NE San Rafael) 598/C/4
  • Glendoveer: Brick fronted standard ranches on a Golf Course. (NE 148th/NE Halsey) 598/D/4&5
  • Midtown Estates:  Hallberg Homes at  (12600 NE Davis) 598/D/5
  • Glenfair: MCMs. (NE 150th/Glisan – Burnside). 598/D/5
  • Tweten Park: 4 or 5 MCMs (NE Holladay and 152nd/153rd). 598/D/5
  • Shalimar: MCMs. (16847 NE Glisan) 598/G/5
  • Gateview Heights: Great angular homes mixed in with brick ranches. (NE Stanton & 127th) 598/B/3
  • Tally Ho: Small MCMs. (NE Halsey/129th) 598/B/4
  • Valle' Vista: 4 Rummers, Many Custom Homes. (Towle Rd/ SW 10th Drive, GRESHAM) 629/A/4
  • Suellen Park/Beau Acres: Standard and Storybook ranches. (146th/ SE Salmon) 598/D/7
  • Park Lane: Standard and Daylight. (153rd & SE Main) 598/D/7

West Side Tracts:

  • Vista Hills: 60's Customs and MCM's. 625/E/1
  • Vista Brook/Bohmann Park: Rummer Built Homes. 625/F/6
  • Bridlemile: Mixed Ranches/MCM. 626/B/2
  • Eichler Park: Rummer Built Homes. 625/A/4
  • Highland Hills: Rummers Built Homes. 625/B/6

* all coordinates are deemed correct, but please email Alyssa Starelli  if you have updates or wish to add to our list.*

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