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First Public Meeting of 2011 – Sunday January 30th at 6pm

Our first public meeting of the new year will be held Sunday January 30th at 6pm at The Good Mod – a mid century and industrial modern retail warehouse. We have been graciously invited to have our meeting there, as well as drool over (and purchase) the mid-century offerings. Our socializing and shopping will start at 5pm-6pm and we will start the meeting promptly at 6pm.

When: Sunday January 30th 6pm

Where: The Good Mod – 4701 SE 24th Ave Portland, OR 97202

We have a special guest this month: Saul Zaik – a well known architect in Portland who has worked on residential, commercial, institutions and public buildings since the later part of the 1950’s. Meet Saul and bring any questions to this informal meeting. There is rumor that there will be a few bottles of wine for your sipping pleasure.

Here is a great article (and photo was taken from) at The Oregon Quarterly:

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