MCM League is Closed

On Jan 1, 2014, we will be retiring the Mid-Century Modern League of Portland as an official non-profit club.

Though we will maintain the social media sites for Portland Area Mid-century enthusiasts to communicate with each other by, the board has voted to discontinue monthly meetings and special events and go ‘social’ instead. We will also be shutting down the website, giving up our non-profit status, and discontinuing the acceptance of membership fees.

It has been a great run. We were able to accomplish many things, not the least of which was increasing awareness of the value of mid-century architecture when few other groups were giving it consideration. Now that there are plenty of avenues for preservation and the interest in mid-century is at an all time high, those of us running the club feel it is a good time to bow out and focus on our own objectives.

This does not mean the fun shouldn’t continue! Feel free to use the Facebook fan page to promote local parties and events or simply to share your thoughts and opinions on the mid-century modern aesthetic; we are merely abandoning the ‘work’ aspect of the club.

For my part, as founder, chairperson, board member and often VP, this club has been my child. I am appreciative of the support and interest that it has garnered over the years. The people I have met and the companies I have worked with have inspired and awed me and their efforts will always be remembered fondly. I had great fun putting together special events for our membership and the public and hope you enjoyed them as well. It is, however, time to focus the same energy on my family and real estate career.

Thanks a ton to all you MCM LEAGUERS, present and past, it was a blast!

Alyssa Starelli, Founder & VP
MCM League Portland